Psychiatry, unlike the other branches of medicine it cures both the body and the mind. People these days face a tough schedules everyday which leads to lot of stress. Now, it is the age of extreme stress and people find it difficult to lead a normal life and most of the people go through so much stress and many are not even aware of the emotional jeopardy they are in. This leads to Psychiatric disorders and many need immediate attention.

Consult Psychiatrist for any psychiatric illness

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsions
  • Psychosomatic disorder
  • Sleep Problems
  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Marital disorders
  • Sexual problems

Now aside with workaholics above, then we have people affected due to social evils on the other. Women and children are the worst affected in our densely populated Indian society. Women, the supposable weaker gender in nature are subjected to innumerable social evils like dowry harassment, illiteracy, extra-marital affairs, and abuses at work places, family disputes, alcoholic husbands and many others. They lose all their hopes and even try to end their lives.

Children’s the living gods on the earth, their dreams are trashed in buds, many orphaned even before their first steps of life on the earth. There are the kids who have been misled due to their irresponsible parents. Often, quoted as future of this country, due to poverty they have been neglected and been directed to various dirty pages of the human society like terrorism currently we are witnessing around us and other criminal inheritance. In our society we can see two major sets of population who form the backbone and undergo major stress load and they are the women and children. So only in the welfare of these two sets lies the welfare of the society and that is our main aim. Having both positive and negative feelings balanced; and leading a peaceful and a successful life is very important and that is what we aim for. So any problem blocking your way to success can be taken out through the necessary medical help, counselling and affirmative thoughts.