Neuro Lab

Electro encephalogram

BNPC has the state-of-the-art EEG facility which facilitates accurate results to diagnose with precision. This test is done to detect the electrical activity of brain. The wave pattern of the brain is recorded and if any abnormalities, they are detected.

Nerve conduction study

NCS is a test commonly used to evaluate the function, especially the ability of electrical conduction, of the motor and sensory nerves of the human body. A nerve conduction study is usually done along with electromyography (EMG). The nerve conduction study stimulates specific nerves and records their ability to send the impulse to the muscle. This study can show where there is a blockage in the nerve pathway.

Test Description Functionality Patients Age
EEG Electro Encephalograph Brain electro  activation 2 months babies above
NCS Nerve Conduction Study Nerve /brain communication 1 year to 90 years
SSEP Somato Sensory Evoked Potentials Nerve /brain communication 1 year to 90 years
VEP Visual Evoked Potential Nerve /brain communication 1 year to 90 years
BERA Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometric Nerve /brain communication 1 year to 90 years
RNS Repetitive Nerve Stimulation Nerve /brain communication 16 to 65 years above