About BNPC

BNPC, a dedicated and integrated outpatient centre for brain and mind functioning since 2007 in providing NEURO (nervous disorders) and PSYCHIATRIC (mental disorders) clinical diagnosis, treatments and remedies to the outpatients.

NEUROPSYCHIATRY, the concept clinic is a brain and mind initiative product by two of the renowned and experienced medical practitioners in their respective domains. Dr. MANIVASAKAN, Consultant Neurologist and Dr. MONY, Consultant Psychiatrist. It is the modern and growing branch of medicine dealing with mental disorders attributed to the diseases of the nervous system.

Giving importance to the welfare of Brain and Mind, BNPC has begun as a highly equipped health centre for psychiatry and neurology. A sound mind in sound body is our aim. This hospital has all related facilities for the diagnosis and its related treatments. Caring doctors and the high tech medical facility are the major factors in our hospital.

Neurology and psychiatry are related in a way so patients here feel them being completely cured here as every little symptom is taken utmost care and immediate help is provided. We have a team of extremely talented doctors who specialize in the related fields and are the assets of this hospital.